Detox My Child is a resource website for those made toxic by vaccinations, environmental exposures to heavy metals, immune system disorders or other factors. 
Learn more about safe, gentle, drug-free effective detoxification treatment using homeopathy!

Resource Websites:

AIT Institute for Berard Auditory Integration Training

Homeopathic Constitution

Homeopathy for Special Needs Children

Homeopathy for Women

Natural Fertility Homeopath

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)


Natural Chelators: As sited in the Dr. Holmes research

Natural Chelators

Prescription-only Chelators
(requires and experienced Doctor's prescription)

  • Allithiamine (also known as “TTFD”)
  • BAL - Dimercaprol - Not Recommended by Dr Amy Holmes
  • DMPS (2,3 dimercapto-propane sulfonate)
  • DMSA (meso-2,3 dimercaptosuccinic acid)
  • Lipoic acid (also known as ALA)

Homeopathy to Remove Heavy Metals

Chelation Web Resources

  • Generation Rescue  
    This web site contains research and articles on chelation as well as parent feedback.

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